Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Ultimate Halloween Fabric: The Best Fabric Panel We Have Ever Seen

Hoffman Halloween panel for sale at More Sewing

This is the second digital print fabric we have received from Hoffman Fabrics. It doesn't have an official name (that happens quite a lot actually) so we have called it 'Witch On A Broomstick'. The main thing is, not only is this a great quality cotton with a really soft hand feel, the panel measures 109cm x 110cm! This is the biggest fabric panel we have seen so far. The witch on it's own is 35cm high. 

High print quality on this cotton fabric panel for Halloween makes from More Sewing

Being such a large panel means the level of detail is amazing - from the hairs on the cat's back to the lights in the windows of the old house. This would make such a cool quilt back,  or perhaps an amazing top?

Enjoy More Sewing!

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