Monday, 31 July 2017

Sew Much Fun!

Whilst we were having few days off with More Major and Sewing Minor (our two darling boys), which meant spending far too much time in a heated swimming pool, we received some new fabrics in the shop. This delivery included these wonderful fabrics from Studio E, part of their Sew Much Fun range.

First up is Sew Much Fun Haberdashery, I just love the random pattern of sewing essentials and notions, and the clincher for me was the hedgehog pin cushion! Too cute for words, and the colours are super bright!

Sew Much Fun Haberdashery from Studio E - a quality cotton fabric for dressmaking, buy from More Sewing
Sew Much Fun Haberdashery

The other fabric I chose was Sew Much Fun Zips, I just love the colours and the pattern. I feel a skirt coming on with an exposed zip in one of the colours and in the same place - an invisible, visible zip, is that possible I wonder?

More Sewing stock Sew Much Fun Zips fabric, great for dressmaking and patchwork
Sew Much Fun Zips

There is a point I want to make about using these types of fabrics for dressmaking. Those of you who are regular visitors to the shop will know that my background is in tailoring and dressmaking. When I choose cotton fabrics on what is called 'craft bolts' (cotton fabric that is around 115cm wide) I am looking at the fabric from a dressmaking point of view. I think it is fair to say that the majority of shops who stock craft bolts are doing so for patchworking and crafting. I have found it surprising how often I am asked if craft cotton can be used for dressmaking. The answer is a resounding yes! 

Companies such as Studio E who have produced these two exciting designs are producing them on excellent quality cotton, the print quality and detail is exceptional, good enough for patchworking and definitely good enough for dressmaking. In fact, if you look at the fabric requirements on just about any make of sewing pattern you will see fabric usage for 115cm width fabric. We also find that these fabrics are finished to such a high quality we don't have any problems with shrinkage. 

Enjoy More Sewing!

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