Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Hoffman Fabrics Skyline Digital Print Fabric

New in this week are two amazing Hoffman California digital print fabrics.

These are the first fabrics we have had from Hoffman, and we can't believe just how good the quality is! The great thing about digital printing is that you get an amazing amount of detail in the design and such rich, bold colours! This fabric is called Skyline, a bright design of skyscrapers and buildings against a teal sky.

More Sewing sell Hoffman Fabrics including this Skyline design

High quality detail from Skyline fabric, great as a dress fabric and for sale at More Sewing

Digital printing gives this cotton fabric such a high quality print

The fabric is 100% cotton and is 110cm wide. We decided to stock this fabric primarily as a dress fabric, you can just imagine how great a dress would look in this!

Skyline fabric would make a bright, wonderful dress, get it at More Sewing
Mmm - perhaps a dress?

This fabric is also great for patchwork. in fact Hoffman California have a wonderful free pattern, Skylines Circle, by Gail Baker available here

Skyline cotton fabric for dressmaking from More Sewing

Enjoy More Sewing!

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